Since 1982

A love of bread since 1982

Bread, Love and Authenticity: these are the ingredients of a successful business which started in 1982, and which today continues to grow and develop on the market.

In just a few years the demand for our baked goods has grown massively, and what was only a small family bakery has now become an organized business that has 45 employees, 16 vehicles and 2 production plants. This significant growth is the result of the commitment and passion given by the whole family that, for two generations, has daily supplied families in Marche and Abruzzo with tradition and innovation of the highest quality. For our production we choose to use natural yeast and fresh and natural ingredients, to carry out artisan production techniques and work with suppliers who have certification: this, as well as improving the taste of the final product, gives authenticity to breads, to cakes, to pizzas and also to both your and our lives.

Selling points


Natural, eco-friendly and organic! From choosing ingredients to the choice of suppliers, we select everything that is close to nature, because natural is better.

Choosing the right flour is an essential step in the production of bread. We only use the best flour from high quality Italian stone ground wheat: the excellent taste of your bread is all thanks to us!

To make good bread every day we wait until it has leavened for at least 3 hours, we also hand-make various types such as the trecce, ciambelle pugliese and the round pizzas.

More minerals and vitamins, higher digestibility, that is why we use mother yeast.

Our cakes have a heart: a tasteful filling selected from jams, nuts, dried and candied fruit, from the best available on the market. Tarts, currant buns, ring shaped cakes are all made traditionally, by hand, with the wisdom of our grandmothers and the taste of a healthy tradition.